MOUTAI BU LAO JIU – 500ml 53% alc./vol

Place of Origin:Guizhou, China

Component:Sorghum, wheat, angelica, hawthorn, wolfberry, longan, water

Alcohol content:53% alc./vol.

BC SKU#:424339

AB SKU#:852876

Product Details

Moutai Bu Lao Jiu is a series of Moutai products. Scientific research shows that there isa layer of microbes in the sky above Maotai Town, and the water quality, climate, and soilhere are very suitable for liquor making.

“Bu Lao” means “Not Getting Old” in Chinese, which contains the good blessings ofbeing youthful and never getting old. Based on Moutai’s high-quality sauce aroma liquor,Moutai Bu Lao Jiu adds a variety of precious ingredients unique to the western region,such as Angelica dahurica, hawthorn, longan, wolfberry and other nutrients.

It combines traditional healthpreservation concepts with moderntechnology and technology, not onlymaintains the unique flavor of Moutai,but also contains a variety of traceelements that are beneficial to humanhealth. It is said to be the best health-preserving Chinese Moutai Liquor. Compared with the traditional Moutai, Moutai Bu Lao Jiu has more phenoliccompounds, higher acidity and morearomatic components.

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