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Confucius Family Liquor Ceramic Bottled
Product : Confucius Family Liquor Ceramic Bottled
Origin :Shandong province, China
Ingredient :Wheat, Sorghum, Water, Barley, Peas
Alcohol :39% alc./vol.
Producer :Qufu Confucius Family Liquor Co., Ltd
BC SKU# :863415
AB SKU# :863415
ON LCBO# :410746


The Confucius Family Liquor is from the hometown of Confucius. It has a history over 2000 years and was considered so precious that it was only served to Emperors. The Ceramics Bottled series is a high quality distilled grain spirit packed in a traditional liquor jug. This little brown jug has the perfect proof with sweet flavor and long aftertaste.