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Moutai Yingbin Chiew
Product : Moutai Yingbin Chiew
Origin :Guizhou province, China
Ingredient :Wheat, high quality sorghum, water
Alcohol :53% alc./vol.
Producer :Kweichow Moutai Co,. Ltd.
AB SKU# :044057
ON LCBO# :498030
QC SAQ# :12102485


[Sauce elite product] 
Technique of National Liquor, Moutai of average people 
Moutai Yingbin Chiew is the series of products of Moutai. It is yeast sauce liquor made from high-quality broomcorn and wheat brewed on the basis of the traditional technique of Moutai after long-time of storage and careful blending. And it is characterized by its outstanding sauce, elegance, coordination, purity, long-lasting aftertaste, fragrance left on the empty cup and the head won't get ill feeling after drinking Ying Bin Chiew.